How to make a small, dark room feel bigger and brighter

How to make a small, dark room feel bigger and brighter

We recently staged a beautiful character property which along with the stunning original features it had solid dark wooden flooring throughout. When the property was vacant the flooring dominated the rooms, especially in the lounge where it made the room look a lot small than what it was.

Here are a few tricks we used when staging this room which look bigger and brighter

  1. Bring in creams and light colours throughout the furnishings in the room. This is a complete contrast to the colour of the flooring and helps lift the entire room to create a welcoming bright living area. Here you will see we used a cream rug to break up the wooden flooring and create a softer look on the eye.

Bring in creams and light colours

2. Plants –Adding greenery to the room really livens up the space and creates colour and texture.



3. Add a pop of colour – we have selected a vibrant orange as our pop of colour to brighten up the room overall and create interest.​


Add a pop of colour

​4. Lights – when the property was vacant this corner just looked like a small empty space and uninteresting. Through our staging we gave this area a purpose and created a reading nook area, we also used a free-standing light to add additional lighting to the room.



​5. Voile curtains – avoid heavy curtains and ensure they are full length instead of cut off at the window frame. This helps to draw the eye upwards across the entire length of the curtain and gives the illusion of height. We replaced the curtains here will sleek, light voile curtains which easily allows light into the room.

Voile curtains

6. Mirrors – Mirrors are an excellent trick to create the illusion of depth in a room. They reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night.​


7. Glass furniture – instead of using wooden furniture, glass is recommended as it is transparent and gives the illusion of space. ​

Glass furniture