How home staging can help tell a story

Home staging is used to help portray an inspirational living environment to potential buyers. This creates an emotional connection and moves buyers to that all-important decision of I need to buy this house!


Here are some great examples of how we have helped our clients tell a story to their buyers through home staging:

IMG_0343 (1).JPG

Within this room we created a social hub to be enjoyed by the whole family, whilst clearly zoning out three distinct areas  - kitchen, dining area and soft seating area.


We created this cosy seating area which can be used for a number of things


  • Place to have a coffee in the morning and read the Sunday papers

  • Entertainment space, drinks with friends before having a lovely dinner at the bench dining table

  • Children's hangout spot after school


By creating a talking point they can relate the space to how they live, it helps the buyer to really imagine themselves there.

IMG_0354 (1).JPG