Home Staging What has an impact on the cost?

Home Staging 

What has an impact on the cost?


Every property varies in size, specification, and sales value, so the price for staging can vary significantly depending on these factors.

As you will notice from our website pricing guide –

we are transparent about our costs by giving a guide estimates based on our standard staging packages to begin with but these prices can increase due to factors such as:

  1. Adding extra furniture items which are not standard.

A good example of this is in the bedrooms, as standard we stage and dress a bed, bedside tables and often add a floorstanding mirror (to help create the illusion of space) and on occasions storage boxes.

At the consultation stage we discuss with our client the expectations for the staging of their property and if their property is already on the market we will talk through feedback they have received as the staging is there to help overcome any objections from viewers.

At a property we recently staged, the client had advertised the property on the market for several weeks vacant before instructing us. The majority of feedback from the viewing was very similar in that the general consensus was that the bedrooms looked small and particularly the Master Bedroom. Firstly buyers couldn’t envision that a king size bed would fit in the space and secondly that there would not be enough room for storage.

In this particular case, viewers were mentioning that they thought they would need to use one of the other bedrooms as a dressing room because they thought the master bedroom was just too small. So for this property, we agreed with our client to install a tall chest of drawers in the room and a king-size bed to show the room’s potential.

As we have added an extra furniture item from standard this increased the cost by £25pcm.



2. Window treatments

Some clients like to install their own curtains or blinds at all windows of the property, or alternatively we can offer our expert advise on what curtain treatment would be most suited to the property.

For staging purposes we often recommend for our clients to install voile curtains. This is a more cost effective option as it can be easily included in our home staging proposal and it offers a great homely effect when walking into the room. Voiles have the ability the suit and fit a wide range of window sizes as they are an item that look pleasant draped on the floor, so it’s a one size fits all scenario.

To add voiles to a staging proposal for a 1 bedroom property would be an additional £30 pcm.

We can source bespoke window coverings which would be most suited to show home installation but these would be charged full price to the client as they are created and cut to bespoke sizes.

Here you can see a few examples of how they offer a beautiful fresh look but also offer a soft touch to the room.



3. Statement lighting

As standard we offer light shades and ‘easy fit’ pendants. Often in large, high value properties statement lighting is recommended in large entrance halls and also kitchen/dining areas really benefit from this type of lighting to show off the area. We have an excellent supplier who we work closely with who offer a wide range of statement lights and we can organise fitting however these are not items we would be able to offer on a rental arrangement and we would require the client to purchase the items to sell with the property.



4. Property sales value

If your property is valued at £700,000 or more the quality of furniture would be increased from our standard package.

It is imperative when staging a property to ensure the furnishing are firstly in keeping with the quality of the property fixtures and fittings and that it is inspirational to the target buyer. Our staging furniture will need to reflect the buyer’s standard of living and items that they see as inspirational. This way the buyer will be brought easily into the lifestyle they can achieve in the property and they are viewing furnishings which they would typically want to go out and buy for themselves.