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Home Staging 

Frequently asked questions

What is home staging?

Home staging is a strategic marketing tool used to ensure a property appeals to the highest number of potential buyers, with the aim to sell your property more swiftly and for more money.

By expertly staging a vacant property we have the ability to create an envious lifestyle that will engage an emotional response from your target buyer, moving them to make the all important decision to put forward an offer for purchase. Read more...


What is occupied home staging?

Occupied home staging is when the property owner still lives in the property during the whole sales process. The staging is designed to be functional and fit around the property owners lifestyle whilst making the property look its best. With occupied home staging the property owner would purchase the items outright instead of renting as they will be using the items on a daily basis. The property owner can then take these items to their new property.


What is Virtual home staging?

Virtual home staging is where the home staging is created and designed in graphic form. This type of staging is mainly used by developers of off plan properties who want to show investors and buyers what the finished property will look like in their marketing brochures.


Who pays for home staging?

The home staging cost is paid by the property owner.


When is the best time to home stage my property?

The best time to stage a property is BEFORE you go onto the market and certainly before your estate agent has been out to value your property, staging has been proven to increase the property value by 8-10% so it is in the sellers best interest to get the property fully staged before presenting the property to the market.


How does home staging help to make my vacant property look bigger?

If rooms are left vacant within a property it will make the property look smaller, this is because there is nothing to scale it against. Rooms that are narrow or have a peculiar shape are immediately at a disadvantage for negative comments when left vacant. For example, master bedrooms that need to accommodate a king size bed will always attract comments of ‘Am I going to fit my bed into this room as well as all my storage?’. Buyers want reassurance that there is sufficient circulation space around the room and when the room is vacant this is open to the buyers interpretation - which can often be inaccurate.


What furniture do you use to home stage my property?

This is something we go through with you at the consultation stage when reviewing your property in full detail. It’s important to select furniture which is in keeping with the property value to ensure it appeals to the target demographic and shows them the lifestyle the buyer can achieve.

We have a wide range of furniture items within our current staging inventory and we also have excellent relationships with our trade suppliers who can source us items at a moments notice.


Can you buy our Home Staging furniture?

As standard all of our home staging furniture inventory is offered to our clients on a monthly rental agreement, however the option of purchasing the staging furniture inventory is available. This would usually be set out with our clients at the consultation stage where the client can advise if they would want to offer a fully furnished property to their buyers and sell the home fully furnished. Our developer clients are moving towards this option now as they want to offer buyers a full turnkey solution and have the whole property ready to move straight into.



Can I have a say as to what the Home staging will look like?

Yes, we work closely with our clients to understand their expectation for the finish of the staging but also take into consideration the target demographic.



What happens when you come and stage my occupied property?

Within this service we take a personal home and help make it a product for sale. We make the property fit the lifestyle of the potential buyers whilst making it look it’s best.

We’re not going to come in and change everything, we can help enhance what you already have. Over our careers we have seen properties in all different shapes, sizes and conditions and we are very considerate of personal circumstances offering a sensitive judgement at all times.

We will make recommendations to you and certainly will not tell you to 'get rid' of your personal items/decorations.

If you think you’ve got some challenges in the home, we can help you overcome this and ensure your property presents as strong as possible.

Perhaps you have an awkward room that you've possibly been using for storage we can help you create a narrative for the room and show it off to it's full potential.

We can also give advice on pre-packing belongings. If this is too overwhelming, we can help you do this and get the ball rolling.


Do I need to be there on the day whilst you home stage my property?

For insurance reasons, we cannot allow anyone else in the property when we are carrying out the home staging installation. During the installation there are a number of potential hazards around the property such as boxes, wrapping and tools. If anyone was to trip over a box or ladder, we would be liable.

Also, if you leave us to it, it's fun for you to walk in for the big reveal at the end and be truly wowed by the transformation.

In regards to access arrangement we can initially meet with you at the property to receive keys or we can collect these from a neighbour/agent.