De-clutter and Re-style

Sometimes all your property needs is a fresh pair of eyes into your home to make dramatic improvements. 

We can help prepare your property for success, ready for the sales market by:

  • Carefully and sensitively de-cluttering and de-personalising the whole property

  • Wrapping delicate surplus ornaments individually and organising into storage boxes 

  • Offer expert guidance on space planning and furniture arrangements to maximise space within the property.

  • Helping to emphasise the best features of the property and ensuring prospective buyers notice and appreciate them. 

  • Cleaning (if required)


Our De-clutter & Re-style service starts from £350.00 per day

Prices can vary based on the size and scale of the property.  

Additional furniture items and soft furnishings can be sourced and installed into your property to enhance the finished result. These items are provided on a monthly rental agreement. 




Probate Property Service

Being named as an executor of a will by someone can often be a daunting task, especially if you are struggling with overwhelming thoughts and feelings of grief, the last thing you can think about is preparing a property for sale. If the property holds a lot of memories for you it could be too difficult to spend the time sorting through personal and household items.

This is where we can step in and help you in preparing the property for a successful sale.


When dealing with probate properties the main part of our service is helping our clients to declutter and reorganise furniture to show off the size and space available within the property.


Whilst conducting our service we work sensitively to ensure all personal and valuable items are respectfully taken care of. 


Our services include: 

  • Decluttering

  • Boxing up all family photographs and personal items - all itemised and labelled

  • Wrapping delicate ornaments individually and organising into storage boxes 

  • Re-arranging furniture inside the property to maximise space

  • Neutrally dressing bedrooms

  • Cleaning (if required)

  • Obtaining third party quotations for bulky furniture and waste removal.

The result of our service means your chosen estate agent can come straight in and take marketing photographs, this will give you peace of mind that the property can swiftly go on the market and it gives you the opportunity to look through the organised storage boxes at your own pace and convenience.

The cost of our probate property service starts from £280.00 per day, which includes the services listed above. 

Prices can vary based on the size and scale of the property.  



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