4 Reasons why home staging is essential when selling your property in 2022

Here we share with you reasons why home staging is so important when selling your property:

   1. Buyers want to be wowed before showing commitment

Most buyers will start their journey online, with the amount of properties on the market you want yours to attract positive attention so there is a high chance your property will be viewed instead of your neighbours.

People are so used to looking at incredible lifestyles and beautiful curated images on a daily basis online that you don’t want buyers to glaze over your property listing because it doesn’t jump off Rightmove’s page. Home staging is designed to show off the property with maximum impact and ensure it will not go unnoticed.

   2. Buyers have limited imagination

For the majority of buyers, upon entering a property they can only see what they are immediately presented with.  In a vacant property this will be four walls, a floor and a ceiling. From what was possibly an exciting entrance to the property with a beautiful garden and a nice driveway, the vision of the property suddenly becomes uninspiring if the buyer is then presented with a number of empty rooms.

Unless you have a creative mind or spatial awareness it becomes difficult to imagine how your furniture would fit, or even how the room is best orientated.

Home staging offers buyers an immediate visual of how they could live inside the property and can also present the quantity of furniture that can be easily accommodated.

   3. Vacant rooms can appear smaller than they actually are

Rooms that are narrow or have a peculiar shape are immediately at a disadvantage for negative comments when left vacant.

For example master bedrooms that need to accommodate a king size bed will always attract comments of ‘Am I going to fit my bed into this room as well as all my storage?’.

Buyers want reassurance that there is sufficient circulation space around the room and when the room is vacant this is open to the buyers interpretation.

By staging a master bedroom with a full king sized bed, side tables, dressing table and storage will put the room is a strong position to overcome any space related objections.

   4. The value of your home can be increased

In a strong sales market properties in particular areas can be sold easily within a couple of weeks. This is great news for the vendors but as a vendor are you sure you are maximising the potential gains on your property by leaving it vacant?

Home staging is a proven method for increasing the value of property, buyers can pay over the odds for a home they have completely fallen in love with. Home staging will create a lifestyle the buyer is seeking to achieve and will throw it straight in their face upon entrance.

Home staging can create circumstances where a number of buyers all want the same property, it generates competition which ultimately leads to an increased offer for the vendor – WIN WIN Scenario.